What is High Gear Health?

High Gear Health is a website dedicated to helping busy high earning, high achieving men and women keep their physical and mental performance at it's peak. Our product line was developed by our founder who is a board certified in Family Medicine and has treated thousands of men over the past decade. We launched with the intention to address 5 of the most common problem areas for adult men: Energy, Nutrition, Testosterone Optimization, Stress Management, and Restful Sleep. Through both our top 1% quality, American Made products, and our informational blog articles, we seek to be a high value asset to high value people. 


Who are these products for?

We have a lineup of products dedicated to male health in Fortitude Men's Multivitamin and our Magnitude Testosterone Booster. Our Dominate Energy Drink/Preworkout, Regenerate Ashwagandha, and Hibernate Sleep Gummies can be used by both men and women. We do have many highly satisfied female customers with these three products. Our products are recommended only for ages 18 and up, and it's always important to talk with your health care provider prior to starting any new supplement. 

How long will results take?

That depends on the product. With Dominate Energy, and Hibernate Sleep Gummies our customer see immediate results with the first dose. Regenerate Ashwagandha usually has a calming effect at first, but improves poor mood for most folks within a few days. Fortitude Men's Multivitamin and Magnitude Testosterone Booster take some time to build up and have their effects. Most of our customers report increases in sleep quality, energy levels, drive, libido and physical performance after 2-4 weeks. Sometimes it may take longer, but these products were designed to help address micronutrient/anabolic deficiencies. This means that it may take more time to have an effect, based on a greater deficiency in the individual. We have a blog article detailing that here

Can I take Dominate before a workout?

Absolutely! Dominate was originally designed to be a preworkout so it's the perfect boost before hitting the gym. Many of our customers found it to be so powerful and effective, that they started to give up their daily coffee & canned energy drinks, so we decided to label it for more broad use as simply an Energy Drink. Many customers also report huge monthly expense savings by switching to Dominate from canned energy drinks or daily Starbucks runs. We have a blog article detailing this here.

How long does it take to get my order?

All of our orders are fulfilled at our warehouse within 48hrs. US Domestic shipping typically takes 3-7 days. We most typically see all of our orders filled and delivered within 5-9 days. There are occasional shipping delays based on carier volume, and deliveries to locations farther from our facility in Georgia. Checkout full details of our shipping policies here

What is Subscribe and Save?

Subscribe and save is a feature that our customers love! It makes getting the products that improve your life simple and automatic so you don't have to worry about the hassle of reordering products, or going weeks without your energy boost and good nights sleep. By clicking subscirbe and save, customers get 20% off any of our items or bundles, and will automatically get a refill sent to you every 30 days. You will get an alert 24hrs before the next shipment, and it's free to cancel at any time. No minimum orders required. 

What are the advantages of S&S?

You save 20% off the purchase price, and you don't have to worry about reording the products that you love and use every day. You get an email alert before every order, and with no minimum orders, you can cancel at any time with no additional fees or cost. 

How do I sign up for S&S?

Simply click the subscribe & save option on the product page when you are shopping on our site. Full details of the program are available on the button just below the box. After you select subscribe & save and add the product to your cart, you will get a final confirmation and details of the program at checkout.

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